We offer a complete range of transportation modes, covering road, air and sea transport, depending on what is the best option for your consignment at any step of the way. We handle each consignment individually, and can meet all of your biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical transportation needs, from a basic delivery to a full logistics supply chain solution.

Road Freight

Regardless of whether you need to ship a single small box; require a special express, door-to-door service; or have a full-load consignment for international delivery; we can offer you a comprehensive range of road transport solutions.

Our expert staff has been specially trained, including dangerous goods licensing, and will use our and your specific operating procedures. We stay in constant contact with our agents, using portable communications devices. We also maintain direct contact with both the sender and the consignee.

Air Freight

When your consignment is urgent or the delivery point is especially far away, air freight may be the best solution. With Bio Pharma Logistics, your shipment will be handled by our own network of agents in more than 124 countries around the world, and sent via reliable and carefully selected air freight companies. In this way, we can guarantee you the highest quality treatment for your shipments.

As an expert in the very specific needs of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical logistics, we can import and export your consignments as an approved carrier, with a custom broker licence, an IATA “Dangerous Goods” licence and “Regulated Agent” status.

Sea Freight

When price, volume or weight requires particular attention, sea freight offers many advantages.

We and our network of agents can handle all your sea freight needs, with a full range of services for both export and import -- even for full container loads (FCL) or less than container loads (LCL).
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Once your consignment is ready for shipping, you want to make sure it is in “safe hands”. We maintain secure, well-equipped warehouses for all types of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical requirements. As soon as we receive your shipping request, your consignment will be kept in our appropriate warehouse facility. We offer:

  • Deep freezers (-20°C) with temperature monitoring;
  • Cold rooms for “+2°C to +8°C” consignments, with temperature monitoring and alarm;
  • A warm room for room temperature parcels at +20°C, with temperature monitoring;
  • Dry ice coolers that go down to -70 °C;
  • Liquid nitrogen solutions (-190 °C);
  • A temperature-controlled warehousing solution at our headquarters;
  • Customs warehousing (inbound and outbound) at our Brucargo airport office.

Our warehouse facilities are secured with access control and video cameras.

We can supply you with specific packaging, labelling, cooling elements, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and other items and services, depending on your requirements. We also have storage capacity for your own, specific packing material. Our staff is rigorously trained to respect both our and your specific operating procedures, for the handling and packing of your consignments.

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