What do you need? Bio Pharma Logistics’s services can go well beyond the basic transportation of your consignment. Based on our long-term experience and expertise in this unique sector, we can offer logistics added value services that leave you free to concentrate on your own responsibilities. Many of these added value services are included in the shipping agreement, while others are optional, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.


We take time to work directly with you to create tailor-made and cost-saving solutions for each individual consignment. We concentrate all our efforts on meeting your specific needs, while keeping in mind the importance of cost-sensitive pricing.

Packaging and temperature monitoring

We can propose an extensive range of packaging, to ensure that your consignment reaches its destination safely, legally and at the right temperature. We also have a range of temperature control systems for monitoring everything from deep frozen shipments to warm shipments. This service includes producing and reading electronic reports.

Classifying and labelling

We will help you to classify your material within the various dangerous goods transport regulations (IATA, ADR, and many more). So you have the peace of mind of knowing your consignment is being transported safely and legally.

Regulations advisory

Whether you are sending samples or finished products, we will help you to identify which documents and permits are required to ship your products in full compliance with the different regulations applicable.


We can provide you with information on "All Risks" insurance policies from dedicated third-party insurers that can protect you against unforeseen transport hazards.

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