Locations & Network

Bio Pharma Logistics offers a vast network of agents, active in more than 124 countries worldwide. This network of carefully selected and trained agents is an important component of our success. All partners are provided on-going support needed to achieve excellence and comply with Bio Pharma Logistics standards.



Professional, high-end logistics – especially in the transport and handling of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical items – requires a special range of skills. As specialists in this sector, with an in-depth understanding of its unique needs, our team has mastered the competencies needed to provide our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that their consignments are being handled and transported safely, legally and cost-effectively. Our team members are always conscious of their responsibilities, aimed at providing you with a flexible service that offers you and your collaborators real added value.

In developing customer relationships, we at Bio Pharma Logistics focus on:

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Personalized Support

For every request we receive, we do our utmost to provide a tailor-made and cost-effective logistics solution that fully supports your requirements.

Quality Service

We see each shipment request as a unique opportunity to satisfy you, our customer. So we strive to always offer maximum responsiveness and flexibility to your specific needs. The quality of our work is proven in the field, and experienced daily by our customers.

Resolutely Ethical Behavior

The unique demands of the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries require a resolutely ethical approach and behaviour from all your suppliers.

A Complete and Diverse Team

The respect of each individual as a full member of a united team characterized by its professional integrity is the cornerstone of our daily activities. Each member of our team is encouraged and expected to treat all colleagues in accordance with the company’s ethical principles, and to contribute towards the maintenance of a discrimination- and harassment-free, diversified workspace.

Professional Excellence

For more than 25 years, we have build up a comprehensive expertise and experience in our chosen field. We maintain this through a constant re-examination and reconsideration of the methods we use. At all times, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To ensure this, we treat each and every consignment with as much care as if it were the first shipment entrusted to us.

Our 5 Pillars

I. Honesty

The honesty of each of our employees is a personal quality, forming a banner under which the entire group can proudly operate. Each individual is devoted to promoting the legitimate interests of the company, while having the freedom to consult with superiors if his/her own interests are, may be or appear to be in conflict with those of Bio Pharma Logistics For additional information on the subject, please refer to our Anti Corruption Anti Bribery Policy (ACAB).

II. Integrity

Respect for our charter allows us to treat each dossier without prejudice. Our competitive advantage is based on providing superior commercial services. We expressly forbid any unfair commercial practices.

III. Confidentiality

Our industry requires us to work with various competitors, while the need to make certain that no sensitive information is leaked or released is critical. Confidentiality is thus a major cornerstone of our sector. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us by our customers, while fulfilling our obligations to provide the information required by applicable laws, rules and regulations. We take care to ensure the utmost caution when we receive, process and store this information, and to respect the standards and predefined procedures pertaining to data security.

IV. Compliance with established laws

We take special care in the strict enforcement of safety rules and regulations, as well as of all applicable national laws. This strict respect allows us to maximize the security of our transportation chain.

V. Trust

The trust that is conferred upon us by our customers, agents, airline companies and others is simply the visible tip of the iceberg. It is in fact the result of many years of carrying out our activities with dedication, during which we have continually reviewed our work to ensure that we meet, and will continue to meet, their highest expectations.